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Country Singer Ine Wagenvoort

The singing career of Oscar Award Winner Ine Wagenvoort

Ine was born on the 28th of March 1959 in Warnsveld, a small town near Zutphen in the Netherlands. As a baby Ine was always smiling, cheerful and singing the whole day. As a toddler she already told her parents, what she wanted to be in the future: a singer ! At that time her parents had their own family band called "The White Stars", and made Hawaiian music. Ine's mother was the singer of the band and her father accompanied her mother on the guitar while her uncle played the steel guitar in the band. Ine grew up in a very musical family. It was therefore not surprising that at the age of four, Ine already began singing children's songs, accompanied by her father on the guitar. She practiced every day and Ine always tremendously enjoyed this study hour and it made her very happy. Ine’s father was working as a psychiatric nurse at the P.C.Borsthuis in Hengelo. Later this name would be changed to Trivium. One day, the director of the nursing home asked Ine's father, if Ine and his other guitar students,would give several performances for the very old and sick patients who felt so bored and very depressed. Of course they accepted and so it happened. It was rewarding and it was the beginning of Ine's singing career. They performed successfully for many years in the nursing home. At the age of 18, Ine met her future husband, who was also in the music business. Shortly after this they married. Ine perfomed singing, accompanied by her husband on the guitar. She won many prizes in talent contests throughout the country and gained more fame. Meanwhile, Ine and her husband also became the proud parents of two beautiful daughters and a beautiful son. Their happiness seemed te be ever lasting. Ine saw these wonderful children, as a culmination of the love between her and her husband. But one day - her daughters must have been about 3 or 4 years old and her son 9 months old - her husband left her for another woman. The world collapsed for Ine and she seemed inconsolable. Ine started now with solo performances and in addition to that writing and composing her own songs. It was the Austrian Record Company Tyrolis that discovered Ine. They were very much impressed by Ine 's voice timbre, much reminiscent to the Canadian Country and ballad singer Ann Murray. In the year 1993, Ine's first single CD "Peace and Harmony" was released in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg ans Switzerland. On the CD there were two self composed songs about the terrible war at that time going on in the Former Yugoslavian Republic. It was Ine's emphatically wish, that in cooperation with the Dutch Red Cross, all the revenues of her newly released CD single would benefit the war victims of the Former Yugoslavian Republic. And so it happened that Ine gathered Dfl 10.000 for food, clothing and medicine for the poor people. Meanwhile Ine got fantastic reviews in newspapers, especially in the rural country magazine Country Gazette. Ine received throughout the country invitations to perform. As a result of Ine's success, the Austrian record  company Tyrolis decided to release an entire album of Ine with the title: "For my Friends." Ine composed seven original songs for this album, that first came out in 6 European countries but now is being sold globally. In Austria, the first song from her album titled "Turn around" was a big hit. Ine was also nominated in 1994 as the most promising talent in the Country Scene and best country singer of the year. In 1997 there was a Dutch record company called "Ivory Tower", that wanted to record  a CD with the Dutch title "Als een Fata Morgana". Again, Ine composed, together with her producer two Dutch and German songs. Meanwhile Ine noticed more and more how hard it was for a single mother to combine motherhood with her singing career. She finally decided to give priority to the first and to educate her three children and yet only temporarily, stop her singing career. At this time her children are adults and go their own way and this gives Ine space to restart her singing career. She now performs quite a lot in Germany and the Netherlands as a country singer with a successful, swirling country show at weddings and country parties and at any other party. On 4 december 2012, Ine's CD-Single en DVD has been released and is called: Keep your head high. The music and Lyric is by Erik van Egmond. This song was dedicated to Ine 's son, Robin Wagenvoort, who became seriously ill years ago. Fortunately Robin is recovering and you can watch him in the video clip while he is playing the steel guitar. Ine wanted to cheer Robin up by singing this song for him and giving Robin a lot of strength and courage.

Ine Wagenvoort has been nominated twice for the European Golden Country Oscar 2013 and the European Country Music Euro Masters 2013! In 2017 she finally received her first International Golden Premio Accademico Oscar of the International Art and Culture Organisation Costanza in Italy for her lyrics and singing.

Ine Wagenvoort, a Dutch beauty with a beautiful voice that can’t be forgotten